About Us

What We Stand For

Guaranteed Privacy

Data protection and privacy are important to us. That's why we don't track or store personal data and offer several services to protect your privacy, for example our anonymizing proxy ("Open Anonymously" feature).

Non-Profit Association

MetaGer is a project of the non-profit association SUMA-EV, Association for Free Access to Knowledge. SUMA-EV is primarily committed to promoting media literacy.

Diverse and Free

MetaGer produces diverse results because it is a metasearch engine. We have explained exactly what this means in our transparency statement. By publishing our source code, we show that free access to knowledge is important to us. Our source code is free and open source.

100% Renewable Energy

Sustainability and resource consumption is also a big issue for us. Therefore we pay attention to the energy consumption of our services and only use electricity from renewable energy sources.

What makes MetaGer special?

MetaGer is different from other search engines. This is reflected not only in our public good orientation and focus on privacy, but also through some unique features:

  • Possibility of creating a personal blacklist
  • Function of the search in the search
  • Advertising-free search possible
  • Integration of search engine projects like YaCy
  • The only German search engine that combines results from several large web indexes
  • And much more..


March 1996: Cebit Hanover

The idea for MetaGer came to German engineer Dr. Wolfgang Sander-Beuermann during the CeBIT computer trade fair while he was having lunch. Immediately he started sketching it on a paper napkin. Work on the first prototype begins that same evening.

End of 1996: Launch of MetaGer

MetaGer is being developed as a research project of the University of Hannover and the regional computing center of Lower Saxony.

1997-2006: MetaGer Homepage

This is what MetaGer looks like when it first goes online. MetaGer thus provides an innovative new service.

MetaGer 1997

01.10.2012: Change of Sponsorship to SUMA-EV

MetaGer is transferred to the non-profit association SUMA-EV - Association for Free Access to Knowledge. The cooperation with the University of Hannover will be continued.

2006-2015: Introduction of new designs

The original MetaGer home page goes through many small changes in the following years.

MetaGer 2006

29.08.2013 English Version Launched

For the first time, MetaGer's interface is also offered in English.

December 2013: Tor-Service

MetaGer offers access within the Tor anonymization network as a security-related feature.

March 2014: Implementation of the "Open Anonymously" Function

A proxy service is offered with the new "Open anonymously" function. Through this MetaGer users remain protected even after the search

2015-2016: MetaGer Homepage

As part of more extensive modernizations, a new simplified home page is offered.

MetaGer 2015

March 2016: Search results in under 1.3 seconds

Extensive modernization at the core of MetaGer reduces the average response time of the search engine to less than 1.3 seconds. Over the next few years, this will drop further to almost half.

2016-2019: MetaGer Homepage

Other small adjustments gradually solidify orange as the MetaGer color

MetaGer 2016

16.08.2016: Release of the source code

MetaGer is published as open source under the free GNU AGPL license.

December 2016: Launch of MetaGer Maps

Maps.MetaGer.de launches as a privacy-friendly map service. The maps are based on the data of the OpenStreetMap project, but have their own display and route planner.

2017: Relaunch of English MetaGer Version

Extensive fine-tuning and custom result sources greatly improve the English MetaGer version.

September 2017: Revision of the Quicktips

Quicktips, which offer hints beyond normal search results, are expanded in functionality and spun off into a separate project. Instead of being above the results, they are now located in a sidebar.

December 2017: New ad-free search for SUMA-EV members

MetaGer introduced their new ad-free search. Members of the SUMA-EV are now able to search ad-free using a key based system.

2016-2019: MetaGer Homepage

On the new home page, four charakeristic features of MetaGer are highlighted and promoted for the first time.

MetaGer 2019

26.10.2020: Current home page and dark mode

As part of an extensive redesign of the home page, MetaGer's four unique selling propositions are revisited and presented in an expanded format. In order not to overload the central web search function, the descriptions can be reached by scrolling.
Another feature of the new redesign is the page-wide dark mode. This allows MetaGer to be used on all pages in a dark design.

MetaGer 2020

14.02.2022: Renewal of the help page

MetaGer's help page gets a new overview. This structures and visualizes the help pages with easy-to-recognize icons.

MetaGer help page MetaGer help page

26.04.2023: The new ad-free search

MetaGer releases the ad-free search for everyone using a key-based system. It features a bigger selection of search engines, an improved image search and the option to search provably tracking-free using the new anonymous token system.

MetaGer key page MetaGer key page

11.01.2024: Easy help and glossary

MetaGer implemented a simpler version of the help page. It features a more detailed explanation on how to use the search engine. In addition there is now a glossary that explains certain words that might be hard to understand.


Even today, MetaGer is constantly evolving.

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