MetaGer Apps

At this time we only have an Android version of our App.

MetaGer App

This App brings the full Metager power to your smartphone. Search the web with one touch while preserving your privacy.

There are two ways to get our App: install via the Google Playstore or (better for your privacy) get it directly from our server.

F-Droid Store

Google Playstore

Manual Installation

MetaGer Maps App

This App provides a native integration of MetaGer Maps (powered by Openstreetmap) on your mobile Android device.

Therefore, the route planner and the navigation service is running very fast on your smartphone. The app is faster compared against the use in a mobile web browser. And there are some more advantages- check it out!

Google Playstore

Manual Installation

After the first start you will be asked for the following permissions:

  • Access to positioning data => With GPS activated we can provide better search results. With this you get access to the step-by-step navigation. Of course, we don't store any of your data and we don't give any of your data to third persons.
  • Access to images, media and files on the device => This permit is necessary for the automated update of the App. If there is a newer version it can be stored in your download archive and will be installed automatically. Without this permission you have to do a manual installation every time there is an update.


Just click Google Playstore to be directed to the store and then choose "install" for the installation.

Please follow these steps for a manual installation:

  1. Open the settings menu to allow the installation: Settings => System => Security. Please check "Unknown Sources" there.
  2. Please use "Manual Installation" here to download the file.
  3. Now open the file on your device. This will install the App.