MetaGer hints, unsorted - this and that - did you know it?

  1. Specify your search by clicking "MORE" (every result has this link). It is possible to start a new search on this domain or to hide this domain.
  2. Click "MORE" beside the result and then choose "Save result in TAB" to save this specific result in a collecting container which persists several searches. You gain a fast overview of different searches.
  3. That the use of quotations will cause MetaGer to deliver exact phrases or sequences?
  4. That the site parameter restricts the domain to search in? Use it like this: "my search words" (for results from Wikipedia).
  5. How to exclude words off the search result? Write a "-" in front of that word. Example: new car -bmw
  6. That we would have to withdraw our services without donations?
  7. That we respect your privacy? We don't store or work with any personal information (For the purpose of securing our servers against Hacking- and Bot-Attacks, we need to store these information for a short period of time. Then they will be deleted automatically). We provide several privacy security services. See "Tools" and "Help" entries in the burger menus. Further details: Privacy.
  8. That you can hide yourself behind our proxyserver just by opening the result anonymously? Use "OPEN ANONYMOUSLY"; this also affects the following links.
  9. Choose one of the foci on a result page to receive results which are restricted to this focus. Choose "Maps" to use our privacy respecting map function.
  10. That it is very easy to attach MetaGer to your browsers search engines list and as the standard search engine? Click the "Add MetaGer-Plugin" link below the search field.
  11. We do not use any tracking cookies or other tracking methods. See details: Privacy. Our members can set a cookie by themselves by entering a private key to use the "free-of-advertising" metager search.
  12. "Nobody is perfect". If you find an error or something strange, please contact us via our contact form.
  13. That MetaGer is driven by a non-profit and independent organization, the SUMA-EV?. You can promote it by becoming a member.
  14. That all MetaGer servers are located in Germany and are subject to the very strong german legislation?
  15. That we offer a charged service for your company to search your intranet? We have an example here: Uni-Mainz. If you\re interested please contact us via our contact form.
  16. That you receive a map according to your search by clicking "Maps"? It has to be a rational search (names or zipcodes...).
  17. That you can visit our development branch to become an early bird and see what is new?
  18. That MetaGer has a new image search?
  19. That there are powerful filter functions for results in the image and in the web focus? Use the filter symbol below the search field.
  20. That every result shows its origin at the right side?
  21. That members of the SUMA-EV get a key for an ad-free metager search?
  22. That you may toggle the dark mode via the settings?
  23. That the used search engines can be en- and disabled in the settings?
  24. That you may manage a personal blacklist in the settings?
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