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Anonymity and Data Security

Tracking cookies, session IDs, and IP addresses

None of these are used, stored, retained, or otherwise processed here at MetaGer (exception: short-term storage for protection against hacking and bot attacks). Because we consider this topic extremely important, we have also created ways to help you achieve the highest level of security: the MetaGer TOR Hidden Service and our anonymizing proxy server.

More information can be found below. The functions are accessible under 'Services' in the navigation bar.

TOR Hidden Service

For many years, MetaGer has been hiding and not storing IP addresses. However, these addresses are temporarily visible on the MetaGer server while a search is running: if MetaGer were to be compromised, an attacker could read and store your addresses. To meet the highest security requirements, we operate a MetaGer instance on the Tor network: the MetaGer TOR Hidden Service - accessible via: To use it, you need a special browser, which you can download from

You can access MetaGer in the Tor browser at: http://metagerv65pwclop2rsfzg4jwowpavpwd6grhhlvdgsswvo6ii4akgyd.onion .

Anonymizing MetaGer Proxy Server

To use it, you only need to click on 'OPEN ANONYMOUSLY' at the bottom of the result on the MetaGer results page. Your request will then be routed to the target website through our anonymizing proxy server, and your personal data will remain fully protected. Important: if you follow links on the pages from this point on, you will remain protected by the proxy. However, you cannot enter a new address in the address field at the top. In this case, you will lose protection. You can see whether you are still protected in the address field, which will display: is the actual address.

Questionable Content / Youth Protection

I have received "hits" that I find not only annoying but also contain, in my opinion, illegal content!

If you find something on the internet that you consider illegal or harmful to minors, you can contact by email or visit and fill out the complaint form available there. It is helpful to provide a brief note on what you consider to be inadmissible and how you came across this content. You can also report questionable content directly to us. To do so, send an email to our youth protection officer (

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