MetaGer - Help

By clicking on the symbol , you will access a simplified version of the help.

Using the Main Pages

The Start Page

The start page includes the search field, a button in the upper right corner to access the menu, and two links below the search field to add MetaGer to your browser and search ad free. In the lower section, you will find information about MetaGer and the SUMA-EV association. Additionally, our focus areas Guaranteed Privacy, Nonprofit Association, Diverse & Free, and 100% Green Energy are displayed at the bottom. By clicking on the respective sections or by scrolling, you can find more information.

The Search Field

The search field consists of several parts:

  • the key symbol: Here, you can enter your key to use ad-free search. You can also view your token balance and manage your key.
  • the search field: Enter your search term here. Uppercase and lowercase letters are not distinguished.
  • the magnifying glass: Start your search by clicking here or pressing "Enter".
  • Additional functions can be found under the menu item "Search Functions"

The Results Page

  • Under the search field, there are 3 different search foci (Web, Images, News), each of which is associated with specific search engines.
  • Below, you will see two items: "Filter" and "Settings" if applicable.
    • Filter: Here, you can show and hide filter options and apply filters. In each search focus, you have different selection options. Some functions are only available when using a MetaGer key.
    • Settings: Here, you can make permanent search settings for your MetaGer search in the current focus. You can also select and deselect search engines associated with the focus. Your settings are saved using a non-personally identifiable plaintext cookie. You can also access the settings page via the menu in the upper right corner.


All results are presented in the following format:

Screenshot of a result Screenshot of a result
  • "OPEN": Click on the headline or the link below (the URL) to open the result in the same tab.
  • "OPEN IN NEW TAB" opens the result in a new tab. Alternatively, you can also open a new tab by using CTRL and left-click or the middle mouse button.
  • "OPEN ANONYMOUSLY" means that the result is opened under the protection of our proxy. Some information about this can be found in the Anonymizing MetaGer Proxy Server section.
  • More More: When you click on More More, you will get new options; the appearance of the result changes:
Screenshot of a result Screenshot of a result

The new options are:

  • "Start a new searc on this domain": A more detailed search is performed on the domain of the result.
  • "hide": This allows you to hide results from this domain. You can also write this switch directly after your search term and concatenate it; a "*" wildcard is also allowed. See also Settings for a permanent solution.


  • Ad-Free Search
    Here, you can view the balance of your key and your key. You also have the options to top up or remove your key.
  • Used Search Engines
    Here, you can view and adjust the search engines you are using. By clicking on the corresponding name, you can enable or disable it accordingly.
  • Search Filters
    Search filters allow you to filter your search permanently.
  • Blacklist
    Here, you can create a personal blacklist. You can use it to filter out specific domains and create your own search settings. By clicking on "Add", these settings will be appended to the link in the "Note" section.
  • Subtle Advertising for Our Own Service
    We show you subtle advertising for our own services. You can turn off our self-promotion here.
  • Toggle Dark Mode
    Switch to Dark Mode easily here.
  • Open Results in New Tab
    Here, you can permanently enable the function to open results in a new tab.
  • Quotes
    You can toggle the display of quotes on and off here.
  • Restore All Current Settings
    A link will be displayed that you can set as your homepage or bookmark to keep your currently set settings.
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