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Anonymity and Data Security

Tracking Cookies, Session IDs, and IP Addresses

At MetaGer, you are anonymous.
That means you remain unrecognized.
We do not store any data that could identify anyone.
We offer 2 features for this purpose:
Tor Hidden Service and
open anonymously

Find more about the topic at Tor Hidden Service.
To learn more about open anonymously, check out MetaGer-Proxy.
You can access these features under Services in the navigation bar.

Tor Hidden Service

Tor Hidden Service is the safest way to use MetaGer.
However, you need the Tor Browser for it.
You can download the Tor Browser here:
Once the Tor Browser is downloaded, you can use the Tor Hidden Service here:

MetaGer can be accessed through the Tor Browser using this link:

MetaGer-Proxy (open anonymously)

With our open-anonymously function, you can open web pages anonymously.
That means you remain unrecognized.
Open anonymously acts as a protective shield.
If you want to search anonymously, follow these steps:
In the search results, there is a button open anonymously.
Here's how the button looks:

When you click the button, you search anonymously.
If you enter a new web page in the search bar above,
you will no longer search anonymously.

Questionable Content / Youth Protection

If you find content on the internet that appears to be prohibited, you can report it.
Send an email to
Alternatively, visit and fill out the complaint form.

If you come across prohibited content on MetaGer, please let us know.
Send an email to

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