MetaGer - Help


Use of the search engine

The start page

The start page contains the search field and a menu button in the upper right corner. There is a link below the search field which let you add MetaGer to your web browser. At last, at the bottom of the page there is some information about MetaGer and its supporting association, the SUMA-EV.

The search field

The search field contains:

  • the key symbol: Here members of the SUMA-EV can enter their key to use the ad-free search. You want this too? Become a member via our membership form or donate to SUMA-EV.
  • The search field: Enter your words here. Upper case will not be distinguished from lower case.
  • The magnifier: Start your search.
  • More information on other functions are available under "search functions"

The result page

  • There are three (six for the german branch) different search focuses below the search field (Web, Pictures and Shopping). We assigned specific search engines to these focuses.
  • Below these you have two links:
    • Filter: Toggle filters on / off and apply settings here. Each focus has its own assortment.
    • Settings: Apply here your permanent settings for the current focus. You can select / unselect search engines here, too. Your settings are stored as non-personally identifiable cookies. Click "Overview" to see your settings. If settings have been stored you find a deletion button at the end of the page. There is also a menu entry to access the settings page.


All results will look like this:

  • "OPEN": Click the headline, the link below (URL) or the "OPEN" button to open the result in the same TAB.
  • "OPEN IN NEW TAB" will open the result in a new TAB.
  • "OPEN ANONYMOUSLY": the page will be opened under the proxy protection.You can find some info about this in the MetaGer proxy server section.
  • "MORE": you will get more options, the result changes its appearance to:

The new options are:

  • "Save result in TAB" (Only desktop): The result will be stored in a new TAB. It´ s used for collecting results out of several searches. This TAB appears on the right side of your screen. (info: Search in search)
  • "Start a new search on this domain": search only on this domain.
  • "Hide": hide results from this domain. You can use this filter directly after your search words (e.g. my search words -site:*, filters can be concatenated and the wildcard "*" is allowed. See also "Settings" to apply a permanent solution.


  • Used search engines
    Here you can view your used search engines and adjust them if necessary. By clicking on the corresponding name you can switch it on or off accordingly.
  • Search filters
    With search filters you can filter your search permanently.
  • Blacklist
    Here you can compile your personal blacklist. You can filter out domains here. Therfore you can produce your own search settings. With a click on "Add" these settings will be attached to the link in the "Note" section.
  • Toggle dark mode
    Simply switch to dark mode here.
  • Open results in new tab
    Here you can permanently switch on the function to open results in a new tab.
  • Citations
    Here you can switch on/off the display of citations.