Your access to the best privacy for the web search

With a MetaGer key you can enjoy Internet search the way it should always be:

  • Without advertising
  • Without Tracking Links
  • Without Logging
  • Without compromise
How it works
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Without advertisements

Advertisements and privacy usually don't mix well. Even though we always try to get the best for you by making our ads as privacy-friendly as possible, we also have to lower our sights. The ad-free search offers a sensible alternative so that we can meet our high standards without compromise.

Tracking Links
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Without logging

Your Internet searches automatically generate a lot of data. The little data that we traditionally have to log is used to combat spam. But a MetaGer key makes that unnecessary, too. You will also no longer encounter captchas.

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Without compromise

There are no user accounts with MetaGer. You will receive a randomly generated key from us. No contact information is required. With our payment methods, we only collect the data necessary for payment processing. If you use our Android app, or our browser extension, you are also using anonymous token.

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Search more efficiently

Find what you are looking for even faster. If required, we will integrate clearly arranged deep links, relevant news and videos in the search results. Our image search is also enhanced with additional sources.

How it works

  1. Create MetaGer key

    Your key is the only thing you need to use the ad-free search. This will be generated automatically for you. We do not require any contact information.
  2. Charge token

    Your key is activated by a one-time payment. It will be used automatically afterwards. All advertising on MetaGer is now removed and you have access to results from all available sources. A credit of 500 tokens (5€) is usually enough for nearly 2 months.
  3. Use your key on as many devices as you like

    Your key can be used on as many devices as you want. You can also share it with friends/relatives. Just go to MetaGer on your device, enter your key by clicking on the key icon next to the search bar and you're ready to go.
Questions? We are happy to help!