MetaGer - Help


Search functions

Exclude single words

If you want to exclude words within the search result, you have to put a "-" in front of that word

  • Example: You are looking for a new car, but no BMW. Then your search should be
    new car -bmw
  • car new -bmw

Exclude URLs

Use "-url:" to exclude search results containing specified words.

  • Example: You don' t want the word "dog" in the results:
  • Type my search words -url:dog

Searching for more than one word

Without quotation you will get results containing one or some of the words of your search entry. Use quotes for the search for exact phrases, citations....

Example: search for Shakespears

to be or not to be
will deliver many results, but the exact phrase will only be found using
"to be or nor to be"

  • Please use quotes to make sure to get your search words in the results list.
  • "round-table" "decision"
  • Put words or phrases in quotation marks to search for exact combinations.
  • "round-table decision"


MetaGer uses a little a special spelling called "!bang syntax". A !bang starts with the "!" and doesn't contain blanks ("!twitter", "!facebook" for example). If you use a !bang supported by MetaGer you will see a new entry in the "Quicktips". We direct then to the specified service (click the button).

Search in search

The result will be stored in a new TAB appearing at the right side of the screen. It is called "Saved results". You can store here single results from several searches. The TAB persists. Entering this TAB you get your personal result list with tools to filter and sort the results. Click another TAB to go back for further searches. You won´t have this if the screen is too small. More info (only german so far): SUMA blog.

I want to add to the search engines list of my browser.

Please try first to install the newest available plugin. Just use the link below the searchfield, it has an automatic browserdetection.

Some browser need an URL. Please use "" without qoutation marks. If there are still problems, please write an email.